Babysalmesang in English

As a new initiative in 2024 you can try Babysalmesang in English each Tuesday at 10 o'clock at the Church Ship. Babysalmesang is for free and no registration for the event is needed. First time is the 16th of Janary 2024.


About Babysalmesang in English

Babysalmesang (in English: baby hymn singing) is a hugely popular musical activity for babies and new parents in Denmark, with weekly classes hosted by churches throughout the country. It is an opportunity for you and your baby to:


  - Enjoy music, movement and rhythm together
  - Share a playful and stimulating experience
  - Learn songs and hymns in the beautiful church space
  - Meet other local parents and babies


At ‘Babysalmesang in English’ we sing a beautiful selection of seasonal hymns and children’s songs in English. Don’t worry if you are not a confident singer – your voice is your baby’s favourite! We also use simple dance moves and actions, as well as handheld musical instruments, to stimulate rhythmic awareness and share the joy of making music together. After the class there is always tea, coffee and the chance to chat. 


You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to take part. Everything we do in ‘Babysalmesang in English’ classes is designed to suit babies up to the age of 12 months. 


About Sarah Maxted

‘Babysalmesang in English’ is led by Sarah Maxted. Sarah is a British singer who trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. She is an experienced performer and educator, having previously taught baby, toddler and pre-school classes at The Little London Music School. Sarah currently sings at Østervangkirken in Glostrup and also teaches Babysalmesang at Eliaskirken in Vesterbro as part of the ‘Folkekirken for Internationals’ project.

 Sarah explains what is so special about the concept of Babysalmesang:


“I think Babysalmesang is so much more than just a music class for babies. It’s based on in-depth studies about the power of musical and sensory stimulation for infant development, but it also goes beyond that. The thing that makes the Babysalmesang experience so unique, and – in my opinion – magical, is the space it creates for new families to enjoy togetherness, mindfulness, and joy in the present moment. It really is an experience of quality time and bonding, encouraging eye-contact between parent and baby, whilst all the adults sing together and share rhythm and movement with their little ones. Because Babysalmesang uses traditional hymns and children’s songs and takes place in the beautiful church space, there is also a feeling of belonging, being at the heart of the community, and connecting with a sense of something larger than ourselves.”


Babysalmesang in English is for free. 


When: Each Tuesday 10 am in 2024 (there are no Babysalmesang during school vacations: 13.2, 26.3, 15.10 and 25.6-30.7). 

Where: Kirkeskibet, Topstykket 20, 2450 KBH SV